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Media Buying

Guidance on major media buying decisions across digital and analog platforms, led by impartial and data-backed advice, and integrated into your marketing and communications plans and overall strategic objectives.

Invest in Impact

The modern media landscape is more complex than ever, with audiences more and more fractionalized and the amount of platforms continuing to increase. This has significantly increased the difficulty of trying to figure out how to invest advertising dollars, while at the same time increasing the amount of data available to make decisions and opening a myriad of new targeting opportunities 

For strategic paths which include major media buying decisions, Wentworth Strategy Group delivers expert advice and execution to ensure that your advertising activities are investments that achieve the maximum impact possible.

Media Buying Services



  • Sale & Profitability Advisory

  • Analytics Audit & Integration

  • Dashboard and Report Automation

  • Analytics Training



  • Communications Strategy & Planning

  • Media Management & Optimization

  • Independent Trading Desk (ITD)

  • Partnerships & Sponsorship

Content Development

  • Advertising

  • Social Media

  • Graphic

  • Audio & Video

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Trading Desk

Wentworth Strategy Group is uniquely connected to an expert media trading desk that offers data and targeting solutions to support advertisers and agencies.

Our desk is platform agnostic and staffed by a team who upholds our commitment to service excellence - meaning that the campaign execution you will receive is results-oriented and unbiased.

Complimentary Consultation

Contact for a complimentary introductory conversation to assess your corporate finance needs and opportunities.

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