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Strategic advice and support for nonprofit and public sector organizations looking to maximize their impact, refine their governance practices, improve their administrative and operational capabilities, and truly change the world.

In Pursuit of Impact

Strategy is just as important in nonprofit, public, and charitable sector organizations as in for profit companies. Excellence in strategic planning and execution can help nonprofit organizations to align stakeholders interests, improve all facets of organizational performance, and achieve major impact.

Wentworth Strategy Group is deeply committed to helping develop organizations that are focused on social good. Our advisors are former and current board directors, executive directors, senior nonprofit leaders, and dedicated volunteers with decades of ongoing experience. We actively take lessons and insights from the competitive world of for profit business and apply them to nonprofit organizations and charities to help drive efficiency and improvements.

Here's a typical vertical process that we are able to create value in: government have identified social needs that they would like addressed, from health care to education to arts. They deliver some of these services themselves, but they also look to organizations with unique expertise to be able to address these needs, who they support through granting programs.


We are retained to help organizations to excel in their operations, governance, and communications, so that they are executing at a high level and are also able to powerfully communicate their impact and capabilities. This level of performance means that they are able to maximize their impact and act as a channel for government funding to ensure critical social needs are met.

Nonprofit Areas of Support


  • Assessments of operational areas

  • Direct agency support in functional areas including marketing, communications, accounting, finance, and human resources

  • Staff training and development

  • Coaching


  • Help with structuring strategic planning processes

  • Strategic plan development

  • Execution plan development and support

  • Workshop and retreat facilitation

  • Change management plans


  • Audits of board skill sets and needs

  • Board member training

  • Reviews of corporate governance policies

  • Ensuring tax and legal compliance

  • Developing risk mitigation strategies

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Shared Value

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is good, but shared value is better. Whereas we applaud companies that do things to give back through CSR, we encourage both our for profit and nonprofit clients to seek shared value, as introduced to the world of management by guru Michael Porter.

To us, shared value means fundamentally building organizations and societies that seek collective benefit across stakeholder groups, and being highly considerate of adverse impacts from decisions.

Complimentary Consultation

Contact for a complimentary introductory conversation to assess your challenges and opportunities.

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