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Corporate Finance

Supporting the achievement of strategic objectives with the effective structuring and execution of corporate finance needs, including post-deal support.

Structures and Events

Finance is a central element to every single business, regardless of size, purpose, or industry. Often, the most significant events for a business center around financing and its many facets, such as; sourcing funding, evaluating strategic opportunities, selling assets or the business as a whole, or simply ensuring that each dollar of shareholder capital is being maximized. It is essential to methodically approach each one of these events to ensure the success of that activity, and of the business as a whole.


Wentworth Strategy Group advisors work directly with owners, executive teams, and boards of directors to guide businesses through significant financial events. We work on specific mandates, and also often work in interim executive roles to guide financial outcomes over a period of time.

Corporate Finance Services



  • Capital structuring

  • Debt financing

  • Equity financing

  • Commercial real estate financing

  • Go public process

  • Access to institutional and private capital in Canada, the United States, and internationally

Mergers and


  • Facilitation of strategic business reviews

  • Business valuation

  • Acquisition financing

  • Assistance in entire transaction process: identifying sale and purchase targets, negotiating terms, performing due diligence, and closing of transactions



  • Review of best practices

  • Review of board of directors and executive team relationships

  • Guidance on strengthening corporate governance policies

  • Identifying key stakeholders and relationship principles

  • Developing risk mitigation strategies

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Powerful Partners

Wentworth Strategy Group has extensive working relationships with key corporate finance partners, including accounting, legal, business valuation, and strategic business partners.

We're also well connected to institutional and private lenders, as well as exempt market dealers and investment banks to support go public and capital events.

Complimentary Consultation

Contact for a complimentary introductory conversation to assess your corporate finance needs and opportunities.

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