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Inspiration and Engagement

At Wentworth, we combine our years of experience in the field with a passion to use our insights to positively influence as many people and organizations as possible. In addition to our hands on consulting work, we regularly share our messages on stages.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker, content expert, panelist, host, or moderator who combines practical advice with passion and personality, reach out to see if one of our advisors is the right fit. Our team speaks on leadership, strategy, data analytics, artificial intelligence, governance, international development, personal branding, marketing and communications, and a wide range of other topics. We're happy to discuss tailoring a presentation for your unique content.

Guidance from your future self

Wentworth Strategy Group's Managing Director Mark John Stewart speaks on creating a more intentional life and bring about change in some of the most challenging circumstances on the planet at TEDxMcMasterU


The development of strategy is people-centric activity. Leadership and stakeholders need to come together in an effective process that maximizes the insights and contributions of all participants to achieve the best outcomes.


As part of our strategic advisory services, or as a standalone service, Wentworth advisors are experts at facilitating strategic planning. We're here to help you develop the ideal process, structure and facilitate meetings and conversations, direct the collection and distillation of contributions, shape the inputs into a powerful strategic plan, and assist in communications.

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