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Managing the development and execution of strategy to help you make optimal decisions while considering your resources and desires, and all of the environmental factors that influence your ability to be successful.

Clarity from Complexity

Strategy is hard. Strategic analysis, development, and execution all require an ability to distill the most important factors from an extremely broad set of considerations, and to align and effectively execute upon them, usually with many stakeholders. Working with Wentworth helps you to shortcut the challenge of figuring out how to go about the process by guiding you through proven tools and methodologies. With our guidance, you will reduce the complexity of your context to a clear focus and move forward with confidence.

We started Wentworth Strategy Group because our many years of collective experience had shown us how poorly strategic management is understood and performed, and we wanted to help good organizations achieve great things. We're able to quickly and effectively assess your situation and give proactive and responsive advice. We'll help you structure the process of your strategic planning, and we'll be by your sides as you execute, monitor, and refine your strategy through its cycles.

Our advisors are either experts in strategic management, or experts in other domains who deeply understand the intersections of their area of expertise with high level strategy. This means that when we are working with you in areas such as customer experience, business model transformation, your digital evolution, or deciding how to go to market, you're centred in strategy and flanked by quality advice in related disciplines.

Scopes of Service


  • Audits of your current situation and strategic plans

  • Environmental assessments to determine your opportunities

  • Internal reviews of your capabilities and organizational design

  • Testing all intersections of strategic alignment

  • Evaluation of strategic processes 


  • Help with structuring strategic planning processes

  • Strategic plan and execution roadmap development

  • Planning workshop and retreat facilitation

  • Development of risk mitigation plans

  • Engagement with affiliated service professionals


  • Retainer arrangements for ongoing monitoring

  • Progress reviews and leadership strategic alignment workshops

  • Executive coaching 

  • Fractional chief strategy officer services

  • Project management and help with transformation processes

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In addition to hands on consulting engagements, Wentworth strategists are experienced educators who have taught a broad scope of strategic management curriculum to executives across Canada and the world. We also teach in other areas such as marketing, media buying, and accounting.

If you are looking to equip your staff as strategic thinkers, we'd be happy to discuss the creation of a custom curriculum based on our Wentworth strategy frameworks. Clients describe our pedagogy as insightful, empowering, applicable, engaging, and enjoyable.

Complimentary Consultation

Contact for a complimentary introductory conversation to assess your challenges and opportunities.

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