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DeGroote Summit highlighted by leadership case competion presented by Wentworth Strategy Group

Hamilton, ON - On January 14, 2023, more than 150 student leaders from a variety of universities and faculties gathered for a leadership and strategy based case competion presented by Wentworth Strategy Group - a highlight experience of the first annual DeGroote Summit.

The 3-day leadership and development conference was held in Hamilton and featured a diverse set of speakers, events, and networking opportunities for participants.

The case competion started with a workshop facilitated by Margaret Zanel and Mark John Stewart of Wentworth Strategy Group and emphasized the importance of shared value and corporate social responsibility. The keynote encouraged delegates to embrace a mindset that puts society at the forefront when making business decisions equipped delegates with the necessary tools, resources and frameworks to tackle the case presented to them.

Delegates were challenged to present an expansion strategy for Flashfood, a Toronto-based company that aims to reduce food waste while providing affordable access to food. Within a span of 2.5 hours, teams of 4-5 delegates of varying levels of study worked together to develop cohesive and impactful strategies to solve the case challenge. In a limited time, delegates showed incredible results presenting thoughtful and creative solutions to judging panels, which included Cedric Samaha, Chief Product Officer at Flashfood.

The second day of the inaugural DeGroote Summit conference truly emphasized the power of collaboration and team synergy, the value of social responsibility, and the importance of believing in oneself.

Said Evelyn Franz and Ishan Kaushal, DeGroote student leaders and co-chairs of the DeGroote Summit:

"The DeGroote Summit aims to build the bridge between the classroom and the real world by cultivating an enriching experience that unites aspiring leaders and established professionals. It is our mission to foster an environment that stimulates, inspires, and challenges the future generation of leaders to reach their peak potential. The case competition developed and presented by Wentworth Strategy Group was an engaging and impactful experience for all of the participants. It truly put the lessons learned during the Summit into action."

Wentworth Strategy Group applauds the ambition and achievements of delegates, and congratulates student leaders Evelyn Franz, Ishan Kaushal, Marisa Chrysanthou, Luc Migliaro, Nicolas Dessureault, Laura Wilson, Aamna Kashif, and Anne Llanora on their exceptional work in delivering a memborable and impactful experience for participants.

Wentworth Strategy Group is committed to supporting the development of students at the DeGroote School of Business and McMaster University. To inquire about Wentworth Strategy Group, please contact


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