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Mo Dezyanian appointed Marketing Management Instructor for McMaster University MCM

Hamilton, ON - Wentworth Strategy Group senior advisor Mo Dezyanian has been appointed as Marketing Management instructor for the McMaster University Master of Communication Management program. He started in this role in October 2023.

In addition to his engagement with Wentworth Strategy Group, Dezyanian is President of Empathy Inc., an ad agency working with brands that want to be culturally relevant. He has spent his career helping other ad agencies build profitable media businesses. And he’s built an impressive brand portfolio that includes Canadian Tire, Popeyes, Bosch, Mattel, Liberal Party of Canada and many more. Currently, he is also inspiring the next generation of media planners and buyers as the lead developer for the Chartered Marketer program and as an instructor at the University of Toronto. He is frequently called upon as an expert for commentary on consumer trends by the Washington Post, the National, the Globe and Mail, and many more

Dezyanian shared:

"We are living in the most exciting time in marketing. Not because of AI or the web, but because we are leaving the dark ages of marketing, the age of digital trickery and magic. We are entering a renaissance of scientific, evidence-based marketing. Through the development and delivery of this course, I will work with my instructional team to introduce marketing through the lens of communications, explore the latest research in marketing and discuss the latest trends. Professional communicators can be futher empowered with working marketing theories and understanding of their implications in the public and private sectors.

The MCM program is Canada’s leading master’s degree for communications professionals,

executives, consultants and researchers in the many fields related to communications management including: public relations, marketing, fundraising, digital and social media, public affairs, investor relations, and others

Learn more about the McMaster University Master of Communications Management program at


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