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Sales Strategy

Comprehensive sales strategy development, process development, team training, and team management advice and execution support to amplify your results.

People and Process

For many small and medium enterprises, selling is the critical front end activity that catalyzes the success of a powerful strategy and effective marketing. Wentworth Strategy Group's expert sales consulting methodology can help you to identify which elements of your sales organization need to be improved, develop a roadmap for change, and support the ongoing evolution and growth of your people and process.

Our Methodology

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Sales Strategy Development

As with all strategy, evaluating a sales system starts at the top. We actively work with owners and senior leaders to evaluate, redefine, restructure, and create sales systems, including:

  • Auditing existing sales strategy

  • Measuring previous outcomes

  • Evaluating client profiles

  • Assessing client and market fit

  • Identifying ideal targets

  • Building a sales implementation strategy and plan

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Sales Process Development

After defining a strategy, refining a operational level sales processes identifies the specific tactical activities and decisions to set up a sales team for success. Key activities include:

  • Auditing existing sales processes

  • Engaging with past, current and prospective clients

  • Developing training programs and engagement roles

  • Updating collateral

  • Establishing a process for ongoing system improvement

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Sales Team Training

Very often, and for a variety of reasons, salespeople and teams do not have adequate or ideal training. Wentworth advises both on creating high performing sales teams and the development of existing teams, including:

  • Realigning goals and strategy with necessary skills

  • Delivering custom sales training

  • Shadowing and modeling sales representatives

  • One on one and group evaluation

  • Fostering engagement and enthusiasm

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Sales Team Management

In addition to advice, Wentworth works with select clients in a bespoke fractional executive capacity as sales managers. This is an ideal arrangement for organizations who can benefit from senior leadership, management, and oversight of a sales team, but don't require a full time hire for this role.


The benefits of this relationship include ongoing assessment and hands on development of sales representatives, team building, and the development of internal best practices.

Ready to grow?

Contact our team at for an introductory conversation about a custom roadmap to accelerate your selling.

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